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Friday, February 29, 2008

The image is the ceiling of the atrium at the British Museum. It looks glorious on a sunny day, with shadows cast on the floor and walls. I was at the museum a week or two ago to see the Terracotta Army. The tickets were timed entry and the earliest we could get was 9.45pm. Looking up at the sky and seeing the moon through the atrium was something else.

Today is very busy and there's no time to think properly about writing something for the blog. I have been thinking though about how I would like it to develop. Once I get into my stride, what I would like to do is add the question 'So what?' to every blog entry. If anyone does ever read this blog, I will consider it a privilege. We are all so time-pressured and information overload a real problem.

The 'so what?' will probe the practical implications of the topic being discussed. I will try to provide you with practical hints, suggestions, diagnostics and tactics that others have found effective in adapting working practices, job design and organisation structures in response to workplace trends - bearing in mind that what might work in a particular context and set of circumstances may not work in another.

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