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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I have decided to start adding images, which will usually have nothing at all to do with my blog posts. This wee fella makes me smile, and that's a good enough reason to post his image - don't you think?

A blog post two days in a row? Sacre Bleu! I don't suppose anybody is reading this blog yet, so in fact this is what talking to myself sounds like. What else can I tell you about what has been happening since I was last writing here six months ago?

Dr Marie Puybaraud, Director of Global Workplace Innovation, Johnson Controls and I co-facilitate the Global Mobility Network. We had an artcle, 'Adapting to the Dynamics of a Global Workplace', published in Knowledge Management Review in December 2007.

The article describes how the network came into being, what is it, who it is for, and how it approaches the complex and evolving set of topics that make up the globally changing workplace. Marie and I propose in the article that the network's loose, experimental approach and soft-touch facilitation might provide a model for effective talent management of senior staff.

I will will be summarising the gist of the paper over the next few blogs.

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